Galaxy Invader
Directed by:
Run Time: 80 Minutes
Format: 1.33:1 Full Frame
Rating: NR
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Brainchild of mad director Don Dohler, The Galaxy Invader chronicles the struggle of an alien who lands in a new world and discovers the inhabitants are hostile and fearful of those who are different. Mainly because he kills the first two people he meets, shows no remorse, and repeatedly kills again. Fortunately he’s landed in a backwoods, redneck town where hygiene is outlawed, so the deaths are chalked up to the ill effects of that durn book learnin’. Our hero is Joe, a mean, unemployed drunk who threatens his family at gunpoint and sports what is sure to be the hottest Halloween costume this year: a filthy T-shirt with an enormous hole in the center. Our experts have yet to determine whether or not the actor portraying Joe knew he was in a movie. It’s intergalactic cheese at its ripest and Mike, Kevin and Bill are here to riff every invasive moment. Join them for The Galaxy Invader!