The Richard Pryor Double Feature
(1967 / 1981)
Directed by: Michael Pressman and William Castle
Starring: Richard Pryor, Margot Kidder, Sid Caesar, Robert Ryan, Anne Baxter, Kay Medford, Jan Murray, Arlene Golonka
Run Time: 198 Minutes
Format: 1.78:1 / 2.35:1 Widescreen
Rating: NR / R
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The laughter is high and the emotion is strong in these two superb films starring the late, great Richard Pryor. Some Kind of Hero is the story of Corporal Eddie Keller (Pryor) who has just spent six years as a prisoner of war. Now he’s coming home to the world he’s been dreaming about, but the only problem is that nothing in his life is as he remembered. Pryor’s brilliant comedic talent makes this a rare drama that you can watch with a smile on your face. Filled with laughter, superb performances, and honest emotion, Some Kind of Hero showcases Richard Pryor at his finest in a role that is arguably the best of his career. The Busy Body is a star-studded comedy classic that teams screen legend Sid Ceasar, Robert Ryan and the beautiful Anne Baxter for a hilarious and fast-paced farce. Featuring Richard Pryor in his first big screen performance, The Busy Body follows bumbling mob gopher George Norton (Ceasar) as he tries to avoid the Chief-of-Police (Pryor), the Mob Boss (Ryan), and his overbearing mother, all in an attempt to track down a fortune in cash that’s stowed in the suit of a corpse!