The Classic Cinema Three-Disc Collection
(1953 & 1963)
Directed by: George Marshall; George Marshall; George Marshall
Starring: Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh; Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Marjie Millar, Pat Crowley; Jackie Gleason, Glynis Johns, Charlie Ruggles
Run Time: 305 Minutes
Format: 1:33/1:78 Full frame & Wdescreen
Rating: NR
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Tony Curtis gives a winning performance as the great Houdini, the struggling circus performer who emerged as the world’s most captivating magician and escape artist. From his beginnings as a “wild man” carnival act to the internationally famous feat of escaping from a locked trunk in an ice-jammed river, Houdini effectively captures the amazing life and courage of this fascinating man. Also stars the beautiful Janet Leigh as Houdini’s supportive wife who lovingly stood by his side throughout his legendary career. -- A hilarious laugh-a-minute comedy starring the legendary comedy team of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. When “Honey Talk” Nelson’s (Dean Martin) gambling debts start to mount, he enlists his veterinarian cousin Virgil (Jerry Lewis) to help him fix a race. Along the way, the boys find plenty of time for gags, music and for “Honey Talk,” a romance with the gorgeous Phyllis (Marjie Millar). Features their now classic take on Cyrano de Bergerac! -- Jackie Gleason stars in this warm-hearted look back at one family's larger than life father. Set at the start of the 20th century, Gleason plays Jack Griffith, a gregarious railroad man whose love for his family is rivaled only by his love for the bottle. Griffith's penchant for outrageous behavior, followed up by a more outrageous gift to atone for it, has begun to alienate his wife and oldest daughter, although his youngest still adores her father. Gleason portrays Griffith's "delicate condition" with a mixture of humor and humanity, and the end result is a moving portrait of a family's ups and downs. Gleason's performance of the Academy Award® winning song "Call Me Irresponsible" is not to be missed.