The John Wayne Three-Disc Collection, Vol. #1
Directed by: Various
Starring: John Wayne
Run Time: 163 Minutes
Format: 1.33:1 Full Frame
Rating: NR
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These three classic western movies starring John Wayne, presented in color for the first time and beautifully restored, are the ultimate cowboy collection. Legendary shootouts, fierce fist fights and fast horses provide non-stop entertainment from America's all-time favorite cowboy. This three disc set incudes Gold Strike River, Stolen Goods, and Innocent Man. Gold Strike River: John Wayne is back, swingin’ fists and slingin’ iron in Gold Strike River! When tough guy Jerry Mason (Wayne) and cranky but loveable Jake Benson (Gabby Hayes) strike it rich on a gold claim, they become the target of two ruthless assayers. Featuring a thrilling horse / train car / Model-T chase and the groundbreaking stunt work of the legendary Yakima Cannutt, Gold Strike River has been beautifully restored and is in gorgeous color for the very first time! Stolen Goods: John Wayne burns up the screen in this two-fisted, gun-slingin’ action packed western. When the little town of Yucca City is repeatedly victimized by “The Polka Dot Bandit” it’s up to Marshal John Caruthers (Wayne) to save the day and win the hand of the beautiful Betty Mason (Eleanor Hunt). Stolen Goods is “The Duke” at his hard-hitting, swaggering best! The sweeping vistas of the American west are magnificently displayed in this beautifully restored edition – in color for the very first time! Innocent Man: John Wayne is back with a vengeance! Wrongly imprisoned for murder, John Brant (Wayne) makes a daring escape and infiltrates a ruthless gang of outlaws to find the real killer. But he raises the suspicions of the bandit Ed Walsh (John Wayne’s legendary stunt double Yakima Cannutt). Can he find the real killer and win the love of the beautiful Sally Blake (Nancy Schubert)? An Innocent Man has been beautifully restored and is now in color for the very first time!